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Day one of the Valorant Game Changers Championship sees G2 Gozen as the team to beat

Cloud9 White put up a good fight however.

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The first day of the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers Championship has now wrapped up, and with three matches already in the books, it's clear that G2 Gozen is set to be the team to beat.

The first day of competition started by seeing Cloud9 White facing KRÜ Fem, with this match concluding with C9 on top following a dominant 2-0 victory. Match two pitted G2 Gozen against X10 Sapphire, with G2 coming out on top as well with a clear 2-0 win. This meant that match three saw C9 White taking on G2 Gozen, and this ended up being a more competitive showing with the game going to a third and final map, before G2 came together to take the series 2-1.

This means that G2 Gozen are the first team to secure a spot in the Upper Bracket Final, with the other being determined later this evening. The Lower Bracket is being formed with KRÜ Fem set to face X10 Sapphire in the first round here, and then C9 White waiting for an opponent in the quarterfinals.

Take a look at the remaining bracket below.


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