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Twisted Metal

David Jaffe leaves Eat Sleep Play

New start up in San Diego.

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David Jaffe is perhaps best known for working on the first God of War and the Twisted Metal series, and for the last few years he has been busy re-inventing Twisted Metal on Playstation 3. As the game closes in on release in March, David Jaffe has decided it is time to leave the developer Eat Sleep Play.

The main reason is that Jaffe wants to be more hands on with development as he has been directing work on Twisted Metal from his home in San Diego (Eat Sleep Play resides in Salt Lake City), and Eat Sleep Play is going into more of a social area for their next games whereas Jaffe has some grand next gen console ideas he wants to work on. The result is that David Jaffe is going to set up a new studio in San Diego and leave Eat Sleep Play a few months after the game launches.

We're intrigued to find out more about Jaffe's ideas, but most likely it will be years until we see anything of them.

Twisted Metal
David Jaffe and Tim Schafer.

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