David Corenswet has bulked up for Superman

The actor has packed on the pounds in an effort to accurately represent the Man of Steel.

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We're just over a year away from the new DC Universe kicking off in earnest, with David Corenswet donning the jumpsuit with the red cape to save the world and introduce us to James Gunn's vision.

This week we saw the first image of Corenswet as Superman, and if you thought he seemed beefier now than in his previous movies - that's because he is indeed bigger. Corenswet's personal trainer Paolo Mascitti has now posted a picture on Instagram where we get to see the Superman physique in all its glory.

The movie is set to premiere on July 11, and is currently filming, with actors including Rachel Brosnahan (as Lois Lane), Nathan Fillion (as Guy Gardner/Green Lantern), and Nicholas Hoult (as Lex Luthor).


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