Detroit: Become Human

David Cage: "There is no topic that shouldn't be talked about in a game"

We caught up with the Quantic Dream director at Gamelab to hear about his talk on the limits of video games.

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At Gamelab in Barcelona this year both Hazelight's Josef Fares and Quantic Dream's David Cage talked about the limits of video games, and when we talked to Cage in our own interview down below, we asked what was discussed between the pair.

"We agreed probably on the fact there are no limits to games," he said. "I mean, we both believe I think that games are a medium like TV, like literature, like cinema, and you can now talk about any topic. You need to do it with talent and a sensibility, but there is no topic that shouldn't be talked about in a game."

We then went on to talk about Detroit: Become Human, since that is the most recent example of a game from the studio that has addressed controversial and serious topics.

"You know, we've worked on telling interactive stories for 22 years now with Quantic Dream, so we've learned this new language, this new interactive language," Cage explained. "How do we tell a story where the player is the main protagonist, is making the choices? How do we keep the consequences to [their] decisions? How do we put you in the shoes of these characters, and that you interact with your environment?"

"So we learned game after game, but I think also with Detroit: Become Human that is the story of androids and near future, want to fight for their rights, and it was something that resonated maybe with the era we live in and with our society. It's about people fighting for their rights and who want freedom, basically."

"And also the topic with AI was interesting. I think it's in the air right now, many people have questions about this and wonder if they should worry about AI in the future. In this game we took a very specific position, which is just to say that the good guys are the androids and maybe humans are the bad guys. So all this combined probably made something that resonated with a lot of people out there."

For more on Detroit, check out the full interview below, where Cage also talks about the mysterious meaning behind RA9.

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Detroit: Become Human

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