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Heavy Rain

David Cage: NetEase deal "was about starting a new journey"

Quantic Dream and NetEase joined forces earlier this year, and Cage talks to us about what this means for the studio.

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At Gamelab 2019 various big names across the industry have gathered in Barcelona, and we sat down with Quantic Dream's David Cage in the interview below to talk about various topics, including the recent release of Heavy Rain on PC.

"Well Heavy Rain had a lot of success through the years, and there's really millions of people who really enjoyed the game, so we're very happy now to have given the possibility to PC players to access the game and to play it," he told us.

"So we did a lot of work to adapt it to PC; it's not just a straight port. We reworked the graphics, we reworked the engine, and of course the interface to make it as playable with a controller than with the mouse and the keyboard. So we really hope people will enjoy this version."

During the same interview we also talked about the studio's new partnership with NetEase and what that means for the company, to which Cage said:

"We felt it was the right moment for the company - after 23 years and 12 years working exclusively with Sony - to follow our own path and explore different directions. We wanted to create more than one game at a time, we wanted to become our own publisher also, which we start with Heavy Rain on PC right now and then Beyond and Detroit that we self-publish."

"It was about starting a new journey, I think, for us, and we felt ready for it. When we met the people at NetEase we felt they were the right people, understanding the vision we had and being able to support us in accomplishing this vision, and so we're interested in the Asian market, we look at the mobile market. We have many different ideas and crazy things that we want to do in the near future."

Are you excited for Quantic Dream's future?

Heavy Rain

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