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Nakwon: Last Paradise

Dave the Diver developer making new extraction survival zombie game

It's quite the shift from the chilled-out indie adventure RPG.

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If you looked at Dave the Diver and thought that the developers behind it were going to make a similarly chilled-out game as their next creation, you couldn't be more wrong as Mintrocket is instead going for a PvPvE extraction shooter as its next title.

Nakwon: Last Paradise is similar to other extraction shooters such as Escape from Tarkov, but it puts a spin on the subgenre by having it become a survival horror game, too. Most NPC combatants will be unkillable zombies. You can disable them, but can't stop them entirely from wanting to eat your brains.

There's no real victory, either, as described by the developers over on Steam, you just try and survive from one drop to the next. You'll gather food and weapons, and it's up to you whether you want to fight against enemy players, as you could bring a horde of zombies on yourselves and waste valuable resources.

Nakwon: Last Paradise

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