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Dave Filoni on the future of Star Wars: "Whatever we do, it has to be done very well"

The Star Wars veteran was recently promoted to Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm.

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There were many who cheered when Dave Filoni became Chief Creative Officer of Lucasfilm and many believe that he is the person, apart from creator George Lucas, who understands the Lucas universe best. Despite this, the new series The Acolyte has been met with, to put it mildly, middling reactions and Filoni has now shared some thoughts on how future Star Wars projects must be handled. As he puts it; "...it has to be really well done."

This is on the Happy Sad Confused podcast as he says; "The bottom line is: whatever we do, it has to be really well done. When you look at something that is taken as different, like Andor - it's so well done, and Tony and his team do such a phenomenal job, that I think that there's an audience for that. I think also with that audience, I also, though, want to still be hitting the imagination of the kids out there so that they can grow up and appreciate those things. It's almost like your taste for food, your taste in cinema and visuals changes as you get older."

Disney's time with Star Wars has had its ups and downs. It's not surprising that Filoni uses Andor as an example of when it's done well, as many consider it to be among the best of Star Wars in recent years. Of course, only time will tell if Filoni succeeds in his ambitions to create really good Star Wars series and films. But of course we hope for more good things to come.

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