The Killer's Game

Dave Bautista is an assassin with a terminal illness in The Killer's Game

The film also stars Sofia Boutella, Pom Klementieff, and Ben Kingsley.

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If you're a legendary assassin, it does seem like there's only one way to go out, and that's to be assassinated yourself. At least, that's the idea behind Lionsgate's The Killer's Game, starring Dave Bautista.

Dear old Dave stars as a badass assassin who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Following his diagnosis, Bautista hires a gang of assassins to perform a hit, on himself. Except, for some reason, the assassins also target his ex-girlfriend, played by Sofia Boutella.

And so, Dave has to do one last job to protect the love of his life. It's classic action movie set up, basically, and it lands in theatres on the 13th of September. Check out the trailer below:


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