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DarkZero Esports is temporarily exiting competitive Valorant

Another partnership denial sees another esports organisation backing out the scene.

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Over the past couple of days, we've been hearing all about the esports organisations that have been denied Valorant Champions Tour partnership statuses, and how that decision by Riot Games has affected each organisation's interest in the competitive Valorant scene. Just earlier today, we reported on Complexity partially exiting Valorant, and now we can add that DarkZero Esports is also taking a similar stance.

As mentioned in a statement posted on Twitter, DarkZero has said, "Today, we as an organization are exiting Valorant esports. We hope this is a temporary departure and we will continue to evaluate the ecosystem as the international and domestic leagues develop."

The statement continues, "Thank you to all the players and staff that have been a part of DarkZero's Valorant program and we appreciate your commitment to the team and brand over the last year. It has been a pleasure and we wish them all the best in their path forward."

"Thank you to all of our fans and supporters throughout our time in Valorant and we hope to see your continued support."


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