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Darkest Dungeon II

Darkest Dungeon II enters Early Access early next year

It was revealed after the series' board game adaption was crowdfunded in just 35 minutes.

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Red Hook Studios just got in touch to give us a tiny update on Darkest Dungeon II. After the Canadian's successfully crowd-funded the official board game for Darkest Dungeon via Kickstarter earlier this week (within "only 35 minutes," according to the press release), the team set its sights on the successor.

On its official website the developer slated the Early Access release of the roguelike RPG to early 2021. So far, only the Epic Games Store has been unveiled as a supported PC platform, which is being backed up in the new video, too.

Red Hook Studios hardly said anything about the game itself up until this point. We only know that Darkest Dungeon II will be created in the Unity engine and that it offers a "refined combat system with a new meta-game." It is not known when the final release is due, but we assume that it will be painful.

Darkest Dungeon IIDarkest Dungeon II

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