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Another Crab's Treasure

Dark Souls meets seafood in new indie game for Nintendo Switch

Another Crab's Treasure will be coming next year.

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Strawberries and champagne go well together, as do peaches and cream. If we're talking about more great combinations, then of course ice hockey and hot dogs are a classic combo, and Christmas would similarly not be complete without turkey and Wham!'s hit Last Christmas.

Combinations we usually do not associate with each other, however, is self-harm and seafood, but in the new indie game from Aggro Crab Games, that's exactly what we're treated to. For in this salty adventure, the cutthroat difficulty of the Dark Souls series meets life on the ocean floor as a hard-fighting crab. You can check out the results in the trailer below, with Another Crab's Treasure finally set to release sometime next year for Nintendo Switch.

Another Crab's Treasure

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