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Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III Ringed City gameplay leaks online

Beware for spoilers.

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Dark Souls III's last DLC The Ringed City will be arriving in March, however, eagle-eyed NeoGAF users noticed that some gameplay was on YouTube, and we're guessing it wasn't meant to be there, since it has since been taken down.

Before we talk about what people noticed, beware of spoilers for the DLC. Firstly, the user that posted the link, Copper, said that they saw what could potentially be Firelink from the first Dark Souls. Also, it seems as if the footage (which hasn't been reproduced anywhere), contained reference to a boss fight with a demon and a bat, the demon allegedly looking like one of the dogs from Bloodborne, and killing the bat transforms the demon, maybe in a situation like Ornstein and Smough. This all takes place on what's called the Dreg Heap, which is preceded by a bonfire just outside (useful by Dark Souls standards).

If you want to watch some gameplay that has been intentionally released, check out the trailer down below. Does this boss fight sound like a good one?

Dark Souls III

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