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League of Legends

Dardoch parts ways with CLG, rejoins Team Liquid

He didn't gel with the team's attitude and culture.

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NA LCS team Counter Logic Gaming have announced that they have parted ways with Joshua 'Dardoch' Hartnett, with Omar 'Omargod' Amin, who was already part of the six-man roster, stepping in to replace him.

"Over the course of the split, we found that Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett did not align with our focus on teamwork and culture," the announcement explains. "We therefore brought in Omar "Omargod" Amin as part of a six-man roster in order to show Dardoch what a group of five people invested in teamwork can accomplish. Dardoch helped the team find their competitive spirit early in the split and we knew that if we could help Dardoch learn to make those sacrifices - we would have the roster we needed to become LCS champions once again. Unfortunately, Dardoch was unwilling to adhere to the set of standards expected of every member of the team."

The announcement also recognised that Dardoch is a big part of CLG's success this split, as they sit in second place with one win less than Immortals, but the decision to release him was so that they could create "the best possible position" for the team to win an LCS title.

"Dardoch helped reignite the competitive passion within the team. When he joined the team and worked with them throughout the bootcamp, I saw a desire from the team that I had not seen in a long time," head coach Tony 'Ziks' Gray said. "I am sad that things did not go as well as we expected, but I learned a lot from the time I worked with Dardoch. Although he unfortunately could not align with the team's culture, I believe he is still a strong mechanical player and will be able to find a place on another team."

This isn't the first time Dardoch has had troubles fitting into a team because of his behaviour and attitude, so perhaps his stint at Team Liquid may be different. At least that'll be what Liquid are hoping, as Dardoch's last stint with the team was pretty turbulent, as detailed in Team Liquid's Breaking Point documentary.

Can Dardoch do well at Liquid?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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