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OlliOlli World

Danny Trejo is making a cameo appearance in OlliOlli World

From Yara to Radlandia, the Hollywood star really does get around.

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We're less than a week away until OlliOlli World is set to launch worldwide, bringing the next instalment of this skateboarding series to PC and console players. With that in mind, Roll7 has recently shared that a Hollywood star is making a cameo in the game, and it's someone, despite several connections to the video game industry, that you probably wouldn't expect.

The one and only Danny Trejo is making an appearance in OlliOlli World as one of the "quirky characters" as Trejo himself puts it. The reason on why Trejo is included isn't necessarily all that clear, but Roll7 has mentioned that he will serve as a side-quest provider for those who discover him.

We don't know where in Radlandia Trejo will be found, but you can see what he will look like in-game below, a representation that Roll7 has accurately stated is "his most realistic digital representation yet."

OlliOlli World

In other Danny Trejo news, the actor was recently included in Far Cry 6 as part of a DLC where he played a leading role.

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