The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2

Danny DeVito is interested in playing Wario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel

We couldn't think of a better person to play the role.

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While Nintendo and Illumination have remained tight-lipped and quiet in regard to The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel, there has been a lot of speculation about the film, it's plot, and the additional characters it could or should introduce. One such fan favourite is Wario, and speaking about this character, The Movie Dweeb recently sat down with Danny DeVito and specifically asked the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor about whether he would take on the role.

"You never know what happens in the world," said DeVito. "I'm up for a lot of things, you know... I'm ready to do a lot of things. Whatever is coming I look at and see, I evaluate."

DeVito continued, "Tell them that I'm going to take them to the cleaners, but that I should be in the movie."

This all comes as DeVito was appearing to promote his upcoming film, the Chris Pine-directed Poolman, which debuted in cinemas recently.

Do you think DeVito should be tapped to portray Wario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel? It's just a shame it's not a live-action film...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2

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