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Dead Island 2

Dani is the latest Dead Island 2 character to get a 'Meet the Slayers' trailer

We now have had a quick look at 4 of the 6 playable characters.

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Dead Island 2's Dani is the latest playable character to get the "Meet the Slayers" treatment, giving her a 30-second trailer which overviews a bit of her background and how she fights against the zombie hordes of Hell-A.

Dani is an explosive weapons expert, and appears to thrive in melee combat with blunt weapons like a hammer or baseball bat. With her Thunderstruck ability she can add explosive damage to heavy attacks, and her Bloodlust lets her regain health after killing zombies in quick succession.

The other characters that have got a similar overlook trailer are Ryan, who acts as more of a tank in Dead Island 2, and then there's Amy and Jacob, who each have their own abilities too.

Dead Island 2 allows you to take control of one of 6 Slayers when you start the game, revolving the story around the character you pick and how they turn out to be the one person in the infected Los Angeles that doesn't turn into a zombie once bitten.

Check out the trailers for Dani, Amy, and Jacob below:


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