Death Come True

Danganronpa creator's Death Come True is out in June

The Japanese release is later this month, although a western release date has yet to be confirmed.

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Danganronpa's creator, Kazutaka Kodaka, is involved in a few projects via his new studio Too Kyo Games. One of these projects is the FMV mystery adventure Death Come True and publisher Izagani Games just announced the release date for three of the five supported platforms.

Izagani is releasing Death Come True for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android on June 25, at least in Japan, and it will cost 1960 yen (around £14 / 16 euros). The game is also in development for PC and PlayStation 4, but it's coming to them at a later date. Although Death Come True will be released worldwide and translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai, the publisher didn't specify a Western release date.

The news came in the form of the TV commercial "MinoKen TV Shopping" hosted by Kenichi Mino, the anchor character in the game (performed by Jiro Sato). He is involved in the story of a mysterious murderer, Makoto Karaki (played by Kanata Hongo) who has lost his memories while staying in a hotel. However, Karaki has a powerful ability and every time he dies, he travels back in time.

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