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DAMWON Gaming win Worlds 2020

Korea will once again be taking the championship home.

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After a long running tournament, the victor of League of Legends Worlds 2020 has been declared, seeing Korea's own DAMWON Gaming (DWG) taking home the trophy. Following a series that ended up as a 3-1 result in favour of DWG, over China's Suning, the annual main event in competitive League of Legends is once again over.

The first game of the match-up saw DWG defeat Suning in a drawn-out slog of a match. The second saw Suning even up the series, tying the Finals 1-1, over a faster game. The third and the fourth matches of the series came up all DWG, as the Korean team looked to cement their place in LoL history.

DWG will receive 25% of the Worlds' prize pool with this result, with Suning taking 17.5% for second place. Considering the overall prize ended up passing $5 million for this year, both teams will be amply rewarded for their stellar seasons.

League of Legends
Photo: LoL Esports

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