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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Daisy and Shy Guy join the Mario Strikers: Battle League Football roster tomorrow

They'll join the game as part of its first free update.

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Thanks to a datamine before launch, we've known that Nintendo plans to support Mario Strikers: Battle League Football after its release for quite some time. Today, we know how this will be offered up, as the trailer for the first free update has revealed that both Daisy and Shy Guy will be joining Next Level Games' sports title as playable characters.

Set to land in the game tomorrow, July 21, Daisy will be a character that excels with technique and will even be a Technique type that cannot be knocked down. As for Shy Guy, this will be an All-Rounder type where the choice of gear is of the utmost importance.

As for gear, we're told that the Knight gear will be added as part of this update as well, with this increasing strength and shooting of anyone who wears it. Also, the Desert Ruin stadium is being added, so you can play some football in a new environment.

Check this all out as part of the trailer for the free update below.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

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