Daily Highlights: Wednesday 18th December

Nintendo Direct dominates, GTA Online gets Capture Update, and GOTY discussions on GRTV.

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Nintendo Direct dominated todays headlines as Nintendo announced Hyrule Warriors in collaboration with Tecmo Koei - a Dynasty Warriors-take on The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo also announced retro mash-up NES Remix for release later in the day on Wii U's eShop. A release date for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney was revealed and Wii Sports Club got Golf. We also got new trailers for Super Smash Bros. as Rosalina and Luma joined the cast and Mario Kart 8's spring release window was restated. To cap things off Sonic Lost World is getting a beautiful Yoshi's Island Zone as DLC.

Rockstar announced that today's title update for GTAV will deliver four "Capture" modes for GTA Online.

Starbreeze revealed they have signed an extended DLC deal with 505 Games for two years worth of Payday 2 DLC. There was also a story about an old Amiga game lost to the ages that could see release on Steam 20 years after the fact.

On GRTV there was the replay of yesterday Game of the Year discussion with editors and we also managed to get the rerun of today's livestream with Nintendo Direct commentary, Batman: Arkham Origins competition and more GOTY discussions published.

Daily Highlights: Wednesday 18th December
Hyrule Warriors comes to Wii U in 2014.

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