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Daily Highlights: Wed 14th Nov

Ghosts, Gangsters and Gravity.

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PS Plus hits PS Vita with some free games and discounts.

Jet Set Radio's finally gotten dates for its handheld release.

Bioware's responded to the "you've got a Mass Effect 2 data on my Black Ops 2 disc" issue with freebies offered to those caught out.

EA's named its newest studio - that may be working on something Need for Speed related.

Two big galleries of screens today: one from EA's own Fuse, the other Tecmo Koei's Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2.

Elsewhere, a lot of video content for your eyes and ears. Our latest Handheld Heaven episode looks at the latest in portable entertainment, GRTV reviews Little Big Planet Karting, and there's the small matter of a new GTA V trailer.

Daily Highlights: Wed 14th Nov

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