Daily Highlights: Tuesday 26th November

Xbox One, PS4, SteamOS, crowd funding, and reviews.

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It's been a mixed day for Xbox One and Microsoft. Trying to make the best of a bad situation, those with faulty Blu-ray drives are being offered a free digital game to play while they await their replacement consoles.

Even if your disc drive is working fine, you may have been experiencing problems accessing online content, with store and multiplayer features offline for many since last night. The situation seems to be fixed for the most part, as Microsoft attempts to iron out teething issues related to launching their new console.

Looking forward things are less bleak. Activision are saying that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the most played game on the system so far. Given the popularity of the series, we can well believe them. Looking even further ahead, Microsoft has been showing off some of the games we'll be playing on Xbox One in the months to come.

Daily Highlights: Tuesday 26th November

On the other side of the console divide, following yesterday's confirmation of digital pricing, EA has knocked the princely sum of £3 off their digital PS4 releases. Still more expensive than on Xbox One then...

While we're on Sony's side of the fence, we've got a selection of new screens for Infamous: Second Son for you to ogle. The apps that'll be on PS4 at launch have also been confirmed.

Elsewhere, we got a first look at another prototype Steam Machine, this one's not by Valve though. Staying in that general vicinity, Valve are introducing Steam Reviews to their PC platform.

We talk to Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers' producer about why more care is being taken with localisation these days.

The modder who created the Falskaar add-on for Skyrim has been given a dream job at Bungie.

Star Citizen continues to attract huge sums of money, with the crowd funded game now amassing more than $30 million.

One crowd funded project that might struggle to get the same kind of traction is Stalin vs. Martians 3.

A trio of reviews landed on the site today. We've got scores for the PS4 launch title Contrast, the free-to-play MMO World of Warplanes, and the Firaxis expansion Xcom: Enemy Within.

Daily Highlights: Tuesday 26th November

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