Daily Highlights: Tuesday 19th November

Super Mario 3D World, $100 million controller, Valve's VR prototype and Lara on PS4.

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The big review of the day was the next game in a long list of games starring Nintendo's jolly plumber Mario - a return to 3D platforming in fact - Super Mario 3D World. We also brought you a substantial World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor preview from BlizzCon.

Fumito Ueda explained he was terribly sorry about the delay of The Last Guardian and Microsoft spent $100 million on the Xbox One controller, apparently some concept came with smell. Activision explained how to upgrade your CoD: Ghosts to next-gen, and Speedball 2 HD hits Steam in December.

In virtual reality news Valve will show off their own VR prototype to devs and partners in January and the Oculus Rift powered Alone failed its Kickstarter bid.

In the rumour section we find Tomb Raider listed for PS4 on Italian Amazon and that could be looking for a new developer to take over Command & Conquer.

And a heads up if you're thinking about getting a Nintendo 3DS in the near future - register it and one game on Club Nintendo for a free copy of Super Mario 3D Land.

Daily Highlights: Tuesday 19th November
Forever delayed? The Last Guardian could still make out...

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