Daily Highlights: Tuesday 13th August

Another Microsoft reversal, Mike Bithell's next game, and lots of GTA V tidbits.

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The day started out with another 180 from Microsoft announcing that you will be able to disconnect Kinect with Xbox One, and continuing on with Xbox One related news Microsoft let it be known that the Xbox One controller will become compatible with PC in 2014.

Mike Bithell of Thomas Was Alone fame announced his next game - Volume, and it would seem Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is coming to PS Vita.

In the realm of Rockstar and GTA - it appears as if there will be pre-order DLC with GTA V, secondly more evidence point to a PC version this year and finally there were some new screens at the end of the day.

A busy day on GRTV with interviews ranging from Pro Evolution's Jon Murphy, Ray's The Dead, The Walking Dead's voice producer, to Tactical Intervention's Minh Le.

Daily Highlights: Tuesday 13th August
GTA V is pretty much on every gamer's mind right now.

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