Daily Highlights: Thursday 8th August

Xbox One with headsets, but you'll need to pay to record and stream. Indie discoveries. Nintendo at Gamescom.

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We're all gearing up for the next battle of the next-gen wars in Cologne as Gamescom is set to start August 20. Today we learned Xbox Live Gold is required for Xbox One's Game DVR and that you'll get a headset with your Xbox One. On the Sony side of things Sony confirmed you won't need PS Plus for share features.

As for Gamescom we learned of Nintendo's line up, and that Finnish developer Housemarque will show off a new game at the expo.

A couple of Starbreeze tidbits - Payday 2 has already earned back its development costs through pre-orders, and Brothers is set for PC and PS3 on September 3.

If you're looking for indie discoveries we gave you the basics of three games during today - 20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds, Revolution 60, and Captain Bubblenaut.

GRTV brought you an interview with Wargaming's Alexander Kasianenko on World of Warplanes.

Daily Highlights: Thursday 8th August

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