Daily Highlights: Thursday 28th November

Here comes PlayStation 4.

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First up, we offer our hands-on verdict of the PlayStation 4, having spent the best part of a week chained to the new console ahead of its launch tonight/tomorrow.

We've collected all our launch game review scores in one place. The latest game to get a number was Need for Speed: Rivals, which given the absence of Driveclub, we're sure many of you will be picking up over the next few hours/days.

GAME has got additional PS4 stock, which will be welcome news to those with no pre-order (some of whom have been queueing here all day to get their hands on a console). Since writing those pieces, it's also become clear that Tesco also has some additional stock.

Earlier today we livestreamed some of the launch titles, and this evening we'll be bringing you more launch night livestreams from both home and abroad.

Steam Early Access game, Snow, might be heading to Sony's next-gen console next year. Blacklight and flOw have both been delayed, but will make it to PS4 likely next week. Sony UK thinks that the lifecycle of PlayStation 4 might be short (compared to this one at least).

Daily Highlights: Thursday 28th November

In other, non PS4 related news: Ashes Cricket 2013 got cancelled, days after the game was removed from sale due to negative feedback.

Job listings have revealed an open world Star Wars game is in the works. Question is, is it a new game, or is it the unannounced title from Visceral...?

The Warcraft movie has been pushed back to 2016, likely so it avoids the incoming Star Wars movie (but that last part's purely speculation on our part).

The Autumn Sale is now on over on Steam, so it's time to dig out your wallet and dust off the debit card. 343's design director has been talking about Halo 4 missteps and how they're planning on improving things next time. DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins has been detailed, and new content released. And Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has a slow start to life in Japan.

Daily Highlights: Thursday 28th November

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