Daily Highlights: Monday 25th November

Last week's launch & this week's launch. Good news & bad news.

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As we gear up to the imminent launch of PlayStation 4 at the end of the week, here's our latest next-gen review: we put Knack through its paces.

While we're talking PS4, Sony has updated the PS4 store with digital prices for their launch line-up. With prices like that, the future looks assured for retailers everywhere.

Good, bad and interesting news regarding Xbox One, which has been out in the wild for a few days now. Gamers have been returning consoles with faulty Blu-ray drives over the weekend, while European Xbox One owners have also been reporting issues when watching TV through their consoles. Better news for Microsoft came in the form of sales figures, with the Xbox One storming this week's charts. Astonishingly, it seems that after just 48 hours the console is close to matching Wii U's lifetime UK sales.

John Carmack has left id Software, Bioware's Mac Walter has been talking about Mass Effect, and DICE has compensated players for the launch of Battlefield 4.

Other interesting tidbits include the possible incoming reveal of Fallout 4, Lego The Hobbit being announced by TT Games, and Activision looking for ways to bring back Crash.

We started with a review, and we're ending with a review. We gritted our teeth and blasted through LocoCycle on Xbox One. Read on to find out why it wasn't to our tastes.

Daily Highlights: Monday 25th November

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