Valhalla Hills

Daedalic offers publisher sale weekend on Steam

Up to 90% off select titles and 20% off new Early Access releases Valhalla Hills and Bounty Train.

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German publisher Daedalic Entertainment are currently running a publisher sale weekend promotion on Steam. The German adventure game specialist aren't limiting themselves to point-and-click adventures these days, even if we'd like to point out that Randal's Monday (75% off), Deponia: The Complete Journey (85% off) and The Whispered World (85% off) are among the better entries in the genre in recent years. For strategy-RPG fans the Blackguards games (both ones) can be picked up for just £7.99 (80% off).

Daedalic recently launched two games on Steam Early Access - the Viking-themed building game Valhalla Hills and frontier train trading bonanza Bounty Train - are both 20% off.

Valhalla Hills

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