Daedalic Days: We explore the company's 2019 line-up

The German publisher showed off a range of titles, with dancing reapers and vengeful necromancy, co-op navvies, and some sci-fi survival.

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Daedalic Entertainment is best known for its adventure games, from The Whispered World and Deponia through to Pillars of the Earth and State of Mind. However, the company has branched out significantly with games like Blackguards, The Long Journey Home, and Shadow Tactics in recent years. Our German colleague Stefan Briesenick visited the Hamburg offices of the publisher to find out more about their 2019 line-up and discovered that there's even more variation to come from Daedalic.

Internally, the German studio is developing a real-time strategy game with a co-op focus that brings Warcraft III to mind, and it's called A Year of Rain. You'll find our full hands-on impressions here.

Daedalic Days: We explore the company's 2019 line-up

But Daedalic is also publishing a range of games from various independent developers. First up, there's Kong Orange's humorous puzzle game Felix the Reaper, in which a rhythm-loving grim reaper needs to arrange deaths in order to reunite with his love.

If the Ministry of Death isn't deep enough for you, then perhaps the survival struggle of a submarine in the hostile ice-covered oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa may be more to your liking. The challenge comes from dealing with an environment intent on killing you and your crew in Finnish developer FakeFish's Barotrauma.

Then there's the chaotic Swiss track-laying exercise that is Unrailed, which aims to tickle the same spot as Overcooked did with frantic co-op action as you try and guide a locomotive from one side of a map to the other.

Finally, Darkest Dungeon may be in for a bit of undead competition as the necromancy-themed roguelike Iratus: Lord of the Dead from Russian outfit Unfrozen completes the line-up.

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