Cyber Shadow to be "refreshing" for NES platforming fans
Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow to be "refreshing" for NES platforming fans

We spoke with Yacht Club Games' Sandy Gordon about upcoming indie title Cyber Shadow.

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The first time we heard about upcoming indie platformer Cyber Shadow was at this year's E3 event however, we have since seen more about the title during our time at Gamescom. To get a further understanding about what makes this experience so unique, we spoke with Sandy Gordon from Yacht Club Games, about all things Cyber Shadow, from art direction all the way to difficulty.

"The developer, Aarne takes a lot of inspiration and influences from his favourite 80s pop culture and media" said Gordon. "Things like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and then kind of mixes that up with a lot of his favourite NES platforming games. So, there might be some Easter Eggs if you look hard enough."

"The cool thing about the game is a lot of the story isn't handed to you directly. It's a little bit of an esoteric deal so, kind of like a Souls game, if you're interested with finding out more about the story, you have to talk to NPCs or wander around the level and find things that will give you tid-bits of story as you go."

On the topic of it being compared to a Souls game, we asked Gordon about the proposed difficulty of Cyber Shadow. "Its challenging for sure. Anyone whose played a lot of NES platformers back in the day would probably find it refreshing, in that its challenging but the game doesn't feel broken."

We currently don't have a release date for Cyber Shadow, although we do know it is scheduled to drop on all platforms when it does land.

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Cyber Shadow

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