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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

CWL Fort Worth Open Bracket explained

This will see hundreds of teams with CWL Pro Points compete for their spot on the main stage, with cash prizes and Pro Points on the line.

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The Call of Duty World League Fort Worth Cup will be available at the CWL Fort Worth event between March 15 and 17 this year, and now Activision has released a brand new post detailing the format for the event, where all 16 Pro League teams will compete.

The Open Bracket, however, will feature hundreds of teams competing for their own prize pool as well as CWL Pro Points needed to qualify for tournaments, not to mention the chance to play on the main stage at the event.

This Open Bracket is double-elimination with teams seeded via total CWL Pro Points. Teams will compete in best-of-three games - including Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control is a tie-break if needed - and once 16 teams are left, the matches become best-of-fives. Teams continue playing until two are left, these being the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket finalists, facing each other on the main stage in the grand final. The Winners Bracket team will take home the trophy after their win should they claim victory, although one win for the Losers Bracket team will reset the bracket for another match.

Here is how the prize pool is broken down (in USD):

1st: $15,000
2nd: $12,500
3rd: $10,000
4th: $8,000
5th/6th: $5,000
7th/8th $2,750
9-12th: $2,000
13-16th: $1,500

Here is the CWL Pro Points breakdown too, with each player on the corresponding team getting the following points:

1st: 5000 Pro Points
2nd: 3000 Pro Points
3rd: 2200 Pro Points
4th: 1800 Pro Points
5th/6th: 1600 Pro Points
7th/8th: 1400 Pro Points
9-12th: 1100 Pro Points
13-16th: 900 Pro Points
17-24th: 600 Pro Points
25th-32nd: 400 Pro Points
33rd-48th: 300 Pro Points
49-64th: 200 Pro Points

The roster lock for the Open Bracket is next Monday at 15:00 PST/18:00 EST, and players need to bring a controller, USB cord, headset, and earbuds.

Are you excited for the Open Bracket?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Photo: MLG

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