Curious about Hideo Kojima's taste in movies?

The game creator has released a list of the best movies he's watched this year.

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There's no doubt when you look at Death Stranding that Hideo Kojima is a cinephile, and the game director makes sure to make room for watching movies in between all his work on the aforementioned game. We'd like to think he watches some of these movies with Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus, and sometimes with Guillermo del Toro, although he probably spends too much time commenting on the directing.

Now, Hideo Kojima has released a list on Twitter with the 20 best movies he's seen so far this year, in chronological order. There are a couple of surprises there, like Paddington 2, and the Norwegian horror movie Thelma.

Curious about Hideo Kojima's taste in movies?

Kojima has a tendency to publish short movie reviews on his Twitter account, so be sure to follow him if you don't already. How is his taste in movies compared to yours?

Curious about Hideo Kojima's taste in movies?

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