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Cuphead gets 1.2 update, Mugman playable and new cinematics

Studio MDHR has dropped a big content update for the hard-as-nails run 'n' gun platformer on PC and Xbox One.

Cuphead was one of the standout games of 2017, and it was back in the headlines recently when Studio MDHR's challenging run 'n' gun platformer was ported over to the Nintendo Switch. As part of the game's resurfacing, its creators have also updated it on PC and Xbox One, bringing it in line with the freshly minted Switch version.

The new 1.2 update brings with it a number of changes, but the most notable improvements involve Mugman being a playable character from the start of the solo campaign, as well as more cinematic cutscenes to entertain players in between all those restarts. On top of that, the game has been localised into more languages (French, Italian, German, European Spanish, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese), and the devs have teased "oodles of brand new animation and art".

There are also bug fixes and that sort of thing, but it's worth noting that for PC-based players, the update involved using the latest version of Unity, which doesn't support DX9. Therefore, the update is DX11 only and if you're still rocking old-gen DX then you'll have to play that version via the beta tab. Details on that can be found over on Steam.


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