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Cuphead for PS4 and the DLC for Xbox One have both leaked

Cuphead content has leaked on the official PlayStation Store and the Xbox site. An official announcement is expected later today.

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Not with a lot of margin, TGA and Summer Game Fest organizer Geoff Keighley pre-announced "a special update from one of our favorite indie game studios". It would be on Tuesday 28th at 5 pm CEST (4 pm UK and Portugal). Well, maybe the treasure chest has been opened in advance by your typical suspects, online stores.

And the secret seems to be related to Cuphead. The beautiful 2D action game seems to be coming to PlayStation 4, as many people spotted the icon on the "new games" section of the PlayStation Store. @Wario64 is one of them and took a screenshot of the store before the icon was deleted. Plus Sony did it so quickly that they forget to replace the placeholder, leaving an unusual empty space on the front page.

But there is more and Microsoft is to blame to for ruining the party, because it shows the message "Cuphead & The Delicious Last Course, available now" for a few minutes on its own page. The same source serves a link to a arhived version of the Xbox official site to prove that that was real. Studio MDHR never dated Cuphead's expansion, so expecting a shadow drop after the announcement is not out of range.

Were you waiting for The Delicious Last Course?


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