Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb Reveals Major Content Planned for 2023

Massive Monster is expanding the roguelike, cult-building simulator.

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Cult of the Lamb was one of the big indie hits of 2022, but it doesn't appear to be slowing its momentum as the game's official Twitter account has revealed that a major content update is coming sometime in 2023.

There are a bunch of new features coming to Cult of the Lamb in this update, including new difficulty settings, accessibility improvements, and some quality-of-life additions. The only confirmed detail we have so far is that Heavy Attacks are on the way, which should change up the combat significantly.

Each of these heavy attacks has a unique effect. The sword, for example, smashes the ground, causing AoE damage to any enemy caught up in the blast. The dagger has a different heavy attack and shoots off a line of knives that fall from the sky.

Perhaps the best part about all the content is that it's coming for free whenever the Cult of the Lamb developer Massive Monster decides it's ready to release the update.

Cult of the Lamb

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