Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb details what's coming in the Sins of the Flesh update

The update releases a week from today, on the 16th of January.

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Cult of the Lamb's next major update is nearly here. The Sins of the Flesh update is one a lot of fans have been looking forward to since the developers at Massive Monster announced that the game would be getting some NSFW content down the road.

Thanks to all the sickos out there, we now have Sins of the Flesh, but it's not nearly as graphic as some feared. If anything, it seems like a pretty normal update, with new quests, features, and a new resource for you to collect.

There are also some changes to the followers at your camp, including a new progression system. By being a more sinful cult leader, you too can get a new way to play through different rituals, buildings, and doctrines. Finally, there's a new weapon in the Blunderbuss.

It all looks like great fun, and will release on the 16th of January for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Switch. Check out the trailer below:


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