Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb could be getting multiplayer soon

After the Sins of the Flesh update, it seems anything is possible for the roguelike.

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Indie hit Cult of the Lamb continues to dominate the roguelike world, and fans are constantly asking for more content from the developers. In a recent Reddit AMA, the developers took the time to answer some of these demands.

They confirmed that we will be seeing more updates down the line, and that in 4-5 years time we could have another game from Massive Monster. Moreover, when asked whether multiplayer would ever be on the cards, the following was given as an answer:

"Its something we'd love to do in the future if possible, but right now we are focused on making the next update."

Fans immediately said they were onboard for multiplayer, with some even saying they'd buy the game purely to play with friends online or even in a couch co-op capacity.

What feature do you want to see come to Cult of the Lamb next?

Cult of the Lamb

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