Deadly Premonition

Cult classic Deadly Premonition gets board game adaptation

Kickstarter campaign up and running for upcoming tabletop version.

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Hoping to follow suit after the immense success of the Dark Souls board game on Kickstarter last year, the lesser known cult classic Deadly Premonition is jumping on the board game train.

It's based on the characters, locations and events from the main game and focuses on the use of cards. Players need to solve the murder of Anna Graham, but one player is the Raincoat Killer and the others play as detectives, seeking to oust the traitor from their ranks.

The Kickstarter campaign has gone live today with a $50,000 goal, and Rising Star has said that they've opted for the Kickstarter route as the board game market is outside of its normal business ventures. It also means they can gain feedback from players about the game.

If the Kickstarter succeeds, expect to be able to purchase this game around autumn. You can pledge a minimum of $26 to receive a copy of the board game upon release, or just $3 to support the development and receive a copy of Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut.

Deadly Premonition itself is an open-world, story-rich survival horror game that had its fair share of bugs and questionable mechanics, but left a legacy and you won't find any game quite like it. Read up more info on the Kickstarter page here.

Deadly PremonitionDeadly PremonitionDeadly Premonition

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