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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO's new update tweaks Danger Zone and more

Drone Pilots should now watch out for radar jammers, and Sirocco and Vertigo have also been tweaked in several ways.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Danger Zone mode is getting regular updates these days, including a Drone Pilot upgrade earlier this month, and now we've been updated on even more changes that have arrived as of yesterday.

Blacksite and Sirocco are now available in matchmaking as time-based map rotation, and Drone Pilots should watch out for radar jammers, as these can block them with static interference. Also, these drones now fly slower when carrying paradrop crates, and armour starting equipment option will now give both armour and a helmet.

That's not all though, as we also have changes to the Vertigo map, with the Wingman version now using bombsite A, a site which itself has plenty of changes. With regards to Sirocco, missing collisions have also been added to various door and window models, with another player stuck spot also being fixed.

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