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Perfect Dark

Crystal Dynamics: Perfect Dark development "is going extremely well"

It seems to be smooth sailing after the rough start.

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Perfect Dark was finally revealed during The Game Awards 2020 after a longer period of intense rumours claiming it was coming. Since then, we haven't heard much but bad news with some big names even leaving the developer The Initiative.

In September last year, it was announced that The Initiative was going to partner with the Tomb Raider creators Crystal Dynamics to work on Perfect Dark, and since then, the development seems to be smoother with both insiders and Xbox staff claiming it is progressing nicely.

Now the Crystal Dynamics and Eidos CEO Phil Rogers has weighed in on Perfect Dark as well, and he seems to be very positive. Here is what he had to say during Embracer Group's (who owns these two studios) earnings call:

"We're working on the iconic Perfect Dark game and the project is going extremely well. What's been so promising internally is seeing how our team took on this opportunity, a new way of working. If we think about the future of how we work, collaboration across studios, across time zones, across geographies, across different companies, will all become more common, so it is great to see the team at The Initiative and our team across Crystal studios working so well together."

It's unknown when we will get to see Perfect Dark next time, but hopefully this means Microsoft will be ready to show it off in a not too distant future.

Perfect Dark

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