Crystal Dynamics appears to be working on a new AAA game

This is according to a new job listing that has surfaced on its website.

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Crystal Dynamics, best known for its work on the Tomb Raider series and Marvel's Avengers, appears to be working on its next AAA release.

A job listing has just surfaced on its website for a gameplay camera designer, and within its description it mentions that the studio is in the "formative stages of a new AAA game." The specifications for the job are pretty general, but they suggest that it could be yet another third-person action adventure title. It also notes that the game is being developed within Crystal Dynamic's Redwood City studio, which is just south of San Francisco.

Crystal Dynamics' most recent project was 2020's Marvel's Avengers. The game launched to a pretty middling reception, but it seems the studio is keen to get it on the right path, as a sizable update is launching tomorrow (March 18). This update includes enhancements for PS5 and Xbox Series, as well as customisable HARM rooms and the ability to replay the campaign.

Crystal Dynamics appears to be working on a new AAA game
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