Crysis 2

Crysis 2 dominates UK Charts

Lego Star Wars performs strongly

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EA's Crysis 2 has (rather unsurprisingly) lodged itself atop the UK Charts for March 26, dominating a chart that otherwise has been heavy with the 3DS representation.

What was surprising was Lego Star Wars III, which took second place and created a wedge between Crysis 2 and the other big name FPS, Homefront. Either due to its release across seven formats, a recognisable brand name for folk picking up a 3DS, or that the Force is still strong in the gaming universe (or all three), Lego took top billing over the other 3DS launch titles.

The full UKIE Top 10 is below.

1. Crysis 2
2. Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars
3. Homefront
4. Street Fighter IV 3D
5. Pokemon White
6. Pilotwings Resort
7. Pokemon Black
8. The Sims Medieval
9. Rayman 3D
10. FIFA 11

Crysis 2

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