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Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court will launch in February

The DLC will be the first major expansion coming to the strategy-RPG.

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Paradox has finally set a date for when exactly the Royal Court expansion will be coming to Crusader Kings III. Planned to launch on February 8, 2022, the DLC will mark the first major expansion for the grand strategy-RPG, and will see players accumulating artefacts and creating all-new kinds of nations with its new hybrid cultures system.

The main bulk of the DLC revolves around the Throne Room, which serves as a visual representation of your own royal court and gives a look into the wealth of your kingdom. In the Throne Room, you can hold court to welcome inspired people to your kingdom to employ their services so they can create expensive treasures and artefacts that you can then display in your Throne Room to increase your grandeur, to impress rivals and attract even more guests.

On top of this, the new hybrid cultures system will allow you to create new types of kingdom that is a combination of the population and geography where you are based. To follow this, the cultural divergence system will allow you to further adapt your culture to something that more accurately reflects what you are attempting to build.

Alongside the launch of Royal Court in February, Crusader Kings III will also be receiving a free update for all owners of the game that brings a new culture interface as well as new court positions, and more.

Take a look at the Royal Court release date trailer below.

Crusader Kings III

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