Cruella sequel already in the works

The Disney villain origin tale only premiered a few days ago.

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A sequel to the recent Disney villain origin movie Cruella is already in the works over at Disney, as The Hollywood Reporter has noted. The movie, which released on May 28 in cinemas and on Disney+'s Premier Access platform, has generated enough of a success already that work has begun on a follow-up.

The movie that saw Emma Stone star as the iconic villain Cruella de Vil has garnered a pretty positive response from critics and fans alike. It is currently remarked as fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 74% critic rating and a 97% audience score.

Since the movie only just launched, we probably won't be hearing much else about the sequel for quite some time, but if you would like to check out our thoughts on the film, you can do so here.

Cruella sequel already in the works

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