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Crucible is heading back into closed beta after launch struggles

Amazon has decided to put Crucible back in the oven after its lukewarm reception.

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Amazon Game Studios and Relentless Studios have taken the unusual step of walking back their launch plans for free-to-play sci-fi shooter Crucible, with the game about to go back into beta. New players will be able to grab a copy of the game via Steam until later today (6pm CET the note says), but after that newcomers will need to head to to sign up for a place in the closed beta.

It's a bold move but, given the reception the game has endured, it's probably the only chance that Amazon has to turn this ship around. We played the game for review and found it to be a perfectly competent shooter that was short of pace and needed a bit more... soul. That's something that the developers will be looking to add to the game as it heads back into beta.

The existing roadmap remains in place, however, there will be some subtle changes. Notably, devs will be putting some time aside each week to play the game with the community and get first-hand feedback from them, including a 'community council' that will be consulted on changes of significance.

Will that be enough to get Crucible back on its feet? History tells us that it's going to be an uphill struggle, but given the resources that Amazon has available to try and turn things around, you wouldn't want to bet against it.


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