Crow Country

Crow Country launches for Xbox Series S/X next month

It was thought to be just a PC and PS5 project originally.

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Last month, SFB Games announced their upcoming Crow Country, a horror adventure set in a deserted amusement park, all presented as a first-generation PlayStation game (inspired by the original Final Fantasy VII), where we take on the role of Mara Forest. May 9 is the launch date.

At the time, it was confirmed that the game was coming to PC and PlayStation 5, but now - with just three weeks to go - the developers have announced that it will also be coming to Xbox Series S/X on the same day. This means more people can explore this eerie park, where something is clearly not adding up.

Check out the trailer (or X post) below for a glimpse of what Crow Country looks like. The retro design makes you want to play, doesn't it?

Crow Country

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