Cross-save and cross-play support is coming to Warframe

No exact date has been revealed for this, however.

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Warframe will soon be joining the growing list of titles to receive cross-save and cross-play support. Digital Extremes did not announce an exact date for these features, but it was confirmed they will enable players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles to play together for the first time, and it will, of course, increase the overall pool of players.

Sheldon Carter, chief operating officer at Digital Extremes said: "Community is incredibly important to us. Opening up cross-play and cross-save is just one of many more efforts we'll take on to bring more players together including extending Warframe's fast, fluid, action combat experience to other global gaming platforms."

In other related news, the free-to-play game's next expansion The New War was recently revealed at TennoCon 2021 fan festival. It's set to be the biggest narrative arc that Warframe has received to date and it contains new features like being able to control additional characters other than your warframe.


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