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Crossplay between consoles coming to PUBG

This was revealed during yesterday's Inside Xbox show, and we can expect it to land later this year.

One of the biggest surprises during Microsoft's Inside Xbox show yesterday was that PUBG Corp. took the stage to reveal something absout their battle royale game, which is actually getting crossplay for PS4 and Xbox One players. It'll be possibe to try out this next month on the test servers, and the full release is aimed for early in October.

Ashley Youngsun Nam - Head of Console Division at PUBG Corp - had the following to share regarding this historic happening:

"Our console community has provided us endless support since launch and we're committed to providing them with ongoing improvements and a rich pipeline of new content and experiences."

"With the release of cross-network play and faster console edition updates, we're looking forward to creating a more integrated experience. More importantly, we're happy to finally deliver on the two most requested features from our console community since launch."

Is this good news?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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