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CrossfireX campaign shown at Xbox Games Showcase

Remedy and Smilegate had a spot at tonight's Xbox Games Showcase at which CrossfireX gameplay was shown.

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Remedy, the developer behind stellar singleplayer experiences such as Max Payne 1 and 2, Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control is working with Korean developer Smilegate on a game that many will find surprising when noting the studio's past projects, namely the multiplayer shooter CrossfireX. Remedy's role in the project is the campaign aspect, and we all know that's Remedy's strong suit.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, CrossfireX had a spot in which a trailer was shown, showing CGI imagery as well as gameplay, as clarified by Remedy communications director Thomas Puha on Twitter; "<em>Well the trailer did have some CGI mostly the CrossfireX campaign trailer was all real-time, in-game". You can check the trailer out above. Let us know what you think.


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