Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon is "tenfold on the Xbox One"

Christopher Rubyor on the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon.

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We caught up with Crimson Dragon's senior game designer, Christopher Rubyor, and found out more about what players can expect from the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon.

"I like to call it that [the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon]," Rubyor told us at E3. "It's being developed by members of the original Team Andromeda; so Yukio Futatsugi, we have the music composer, we have the concept artist. A lot of guys have done a lot of hard work. It's being developed by Grounding and Land Ho! in Japan, in conjunction with Microsoft."

The game's senior designer then went on to tell us a bit about what gamers will be doing in the game: "Players take on the role of a dragon rider. Basically they form this symbiotic relationship with these really intelligent dragons, and as you play through this experience you'll be able to unlock a variety of different dragons - up to six different dragon types - you'll be able to evolve these dragons over time as you play."

He continued: "You'll be able to travel through a variety of different levels in the game, so it's really rich. So if you remember all the wonderful things you saw in Panzer Dragoon - the levels, the boss encounters - you're going to experience that, but you're going to experience it tenfold on the Xbox One."

We asked whether Crimson Dragon was going to retain the steep difficulty level that featured in the earlier games ("It's targeted for the core gamer"), and what was happening re Kinect support ("We will be supporting gestures, we will be supporting voice controls, as well as controller support").

We also wanted to know why the studio decided to hold the game back from its planned 360 release, instead bringing it to Xbox One: "For the team, the Xbox One has allowed them to bring... to re-envision the game and to really bring it to life, the way they wanted to bring the game. So more power, better technology, we have some more social features in the game now."

Xbox One is expected to land this November, but as Rubyor confirms in the interview, no release date is planned for Crimson Dragon at the moment.

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